Nutrition and food

Healthy eating is not just about what we put on the plate. It is about educating the children and giving them the knowledge and independence to make healthy choices that will leave them in good stead for the future. We don’t just serve food to the children, we actively encourage children to understand where their food comes from – with vegetable patches, baking sessions and encouraging children to try different and new foods. Our teachers spend time helping children understand the importance of healthy eating and the impact on their oral health and taking care of our teeth!

Nutritious, healthy meals for children

We have a huge responsibility to make sure the food served is of the best quality

At The Nursery Family we believe that our role is to support children in making healthy choices about their food as they grow; we aim to achieve this by providing healthy, tasty, varied menus that children enjoy.

Our nursery menus are full of fresh ingredients and include a range of dishes that introduce new flavours and textures to children. Our menus are also updated to ensure seasonality. We incorporate the wealth of cultures we have within the nursery into our meals, exploring foods from many different parts of the world.

Our meals are home-cooked by our fabulous chefs who use the knowledge gained to create menus that are not only nutritionally balanced but also delicious and loved by the children. Children also enjoy a range of healthy snacks provided by us and we are able to cater to any dietary requirements that your little one may have.

Healthy Kids Meals

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